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« Are you already revived for your Family? »




Experiencing sunny L.A. @ home

What would you do if you had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles, California and stay there for 1 year?

Being away from all the problems in your family, from bad weather, diving into a new world with friendly people, beautiful palms, always sunshine, and the beach right next door. I had the chance to get involved in all this some time ago and
I decided to do it. My dream seemed to be materialized but I always felt that it wasn´t the right place for me....

....no wonder since my place is nowhere else but where I always, because of all the arguing and the bad atmosphere, wanted to flee from....

------------------> in my family!!!

Now I can say, after being back again for one year at the place where I am supposed to be, that there is

    • NOTHING BETTER than serving your family and devoting yourself with all your heart to this responsibility.
    • NOTHING BETTER than supporting my mum with the household.
    • NOTHING BETTER than being there for my sisters.
    • NOTHING BETTER than cultivating a good father-daughter-relationship although my parents just got divorced.

Oh yes, this love for my „terrible family” is what the Lord gave me since I have been devoting myself with all my heart to the basis.
(such as Ivo Sasek preaches)

This is sunny Los Angeles and the beautiful palms with the beach right next door!:)

This is what the world needs!!!!!!!!! Revival at the basis!

Cordially yours,

Jana Westermayer, 22 yrs.